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Technology Alliances


EMC and Oracle have partnered for more than 15 years, helping more than 80,000 customers optimize their Oracle software on EMC virtual infrastructure. Deep investment in jointly engineered, Proven Solutions, and global Joint Escalation Centers make the EMC-Oracle relationship unique in the industry.

EMC Number 1 for Oracle

EMC + Oracle = Better Together

EMC is the global leader in helping Oracle customers redefine IT, reducing TCO by up to 26 percent while helping DBAs be up to 50 percent more productive.
Deep Technology Alignment

Deep Technology Alignment

EMC and Oracle actively engage in joint product beta testing and qualification ensuring that customers gain seamless adoption of new Oracle releases. EMC has integrated to several key Oracle technologies including Oracle RAC, ASM, and DirectNFS.
Tested, Proven Solutions

Tested, Proven Solutions

EMC delivers Proven Solutions for Oracle customers consisting of real-world tested and documented best practices and configuration guides for performance, virtualization, backup, recovery, deduplication, and data protection.
Joint Escalation Centers

Joint Escalation Centers

EMC and Oracle have maintained global joint escalation centers since 2001 consisting of dedicated support resources for faster resolution to higher-level support issues. The JEC is a no-charge asset provided to all joint EMC-Oracle customers.

About Oracle

Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle, visit